by Dagars

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Recording started in May and wrapped in October of 2012.


released December 10, 2012

Engineered by: Dagars, Jonny Gore and Jeff Arndt
Mixed by Jonny Gore
Mastered by Jonny Gore

Produced by Dagars

Zach Howard: Vocals, Guitars, Keys
Sam Argueta: Drums
Jason Hobbs: Bass



all rights reserved


Dagars Dallas, Texas

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Track Name: Rat Race
Running in the race called life.
(You better get going start strong.)
You've got to keep your head up to survive.
(Where did I go wrong?)
Half the time I can't remember what keeps me moving at all.
I've been at it for too long I am sick of this world.

I'm beginning to feel faceless and dejected.
No matter how many times I try to break free of myself.
Just can't shake these insecurities
And paranoia with everyone I meet.

I won't last much longer,
Because I won't live forever.
This can't be won
Life is much more than a game to play

I'm just trying to chase that high,
Of happiness and stability.
It's like I'm always two steps behind.
These feelings are fleeting.
God what's the meaning of spirit inside flesh.
I know time won't attest.

Everything he said was true,
About this world apart from you.
Track Name: Dirty Earth
I don't claim to know a lot of things,
But what I say is true.
I've been here a thousand times
And so have you.
What's more concerning is how
We're slowly burning out
The do's and don'ts//You said you won't,
But you're still smoking cigarettes.
(And they're filter-less)

You're going to put a hole in your lungs
If you don't stop smoking.
And you surely will go to Hell
If you don't stop drinking.
Because God, He fits inside our box.
And God, He's not too understanding.

You're going to kill yourself.
And you can just sit back and watch,
As I tear you apart.
Hell it's what Jesus would do.
Don't give me those eyes.
You know I am right.
Because you're not Republican.
Sometimes you just don't make sense.

Don't mention Love,
God I gave up on Love.
Track Name: Subconscious Depictions
Track Name: In Time
I am not prone to falling in and out of Love.
We've learned how to live
In this Box we're put in.

You watched me fall from a height so high.
And cut me down
When I got back up and took to the sky.

It's not that hard to fall
Once you've reached the top.
But with no air to breathe,
It's hardly worth the false stability,
To keep me coming back.

I will not follow you around in the dark.
You wander so aimlessly,
And we only seem to disagree.
I am not on your side.
(Time ain't on your side.)
Track Name: Seven
I wish I knew where you are,
Then my heart could rest at peace at last.
I wish I could have been a better man.
I've tried and tried,
But I cannot change the past.

Times are changing.
And the children are still sleeping.
The answer doesn't change the way we feel about
You said carry on
As if I'm still there.

Replay the moments in my head,
And time doesn't make it any easier.
(It don't and it won't)
I've got so much that I want to say to you,
Could you stay for a minute or two?
I wouldn't even mind
If you took up all of my time.
Just come back home,
But you're not going to come back home.

Times are changing.
And the children are still sleeping.
The answer doesn't change the way we feel about
You said carry on
As if I'm still there.

I wish I knew where you are,
Then my heart could rest in peace at last.
I wish I could have been a better man.
I've tried and tried,
But I cannot change the past.

Forever we will love you.
You'll stay in our hearts.
We will not forget you
And how you taught us to Love.
With that one touch
You brought us together
So we could remember
To love one another
Like you Ben.
Track Name: Anhedonia
Making my way through town
It's much better not knowing my way around.
These streets they have no name.
The Son of God would not do things this way.

They say,
"Don't turn your back on faith."
They already forgot about saving grace.

"Take this with a grain of salt or lose it.
If you have the faith than move this mountain.
After all what good are we
If we aren't all the same?"
You people are all so boring.
Have you lost your light inside?
You cannot just ignore me.
Open up your eyes.

You watched me fall from a height oh so high
And cut me down
When got up and took to the sky.

These streets they have no name.
Why does your face look that way?
If all we are is shadows in the dark,
Then come take me now
Because I want to see that light.

"But don't turn your back on
What has been apart of you for so long."
They say, They say
Everything about everything.
Track Name: A Pointless Dialogue
It's getting to the point
where everyone around you
can't do a thing to calm you down.
And we all want what's best for you
but you're bringing us down,
why is this so hard for you?

Past the point of conversation, she says
"I think if we take a good look at ourselves in the mirror
I don't think you'll like what you find.
Because it's kept me up at night,
God what else can I say?
Why do I feel this way?"

I'd really like to know what gets under your skin,
this conversation's over and won't be brought back up again.
I am to weak to tell
where I am in all of this,
am I only chasing something that doesn't exist?

Where are you?
This time I could really use the truth,
I've called on your name
but still you don't reply.
I can't run from you but still somehow my feet they move.
So I'll try to keep my feet on solid ground.
Track Name: Sunday Mornings
I used to talk about things I had been dreaming,
But now I only talk about my lack of sleeping.
Because it's kept me up at night.
I'm trying to survive
This thing you've done to me.

I used to sing about how I didn't feel you anymore,
But I was hopeful for the day you'd come back inside.
Now I'm not hopeful anymore,
I just don't think that will come true.

I was kinder once
But that was a long time ago.
Now I hurt the ones I love
Because I only care about myself.
I used to want to be just like you
Now I know that's something I will never be able to do.

She's walking away right now,
When she should be walking up the aisle.
I don't want to die alone.
Please don't let me die alone.

Because it hurts so much
To have held your hand
And love something so much
But to be let go.
Now it's hard, Oh it's hard
When the one that broke your heart
Was God.

When I pray my God are you ever really listening?
Or have you chosen to be silent just to hurt me?