Projection Mirror

by Dagars

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released September 15, 2016

Produced by Dagars
Artwork by Jay Bruns // nojay

Zach Howard: Vocals, Guitars, Keys
Sam Argueta: Drums, Sequences
Fernando Alvarez: Bass



all rights reserved


Dagars Dallas, Texas

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Track Name: Displaced
the signs that I
must have ignored outright
only lead down one path,
if we could get that time back...

those years were proof
the love was good to you
still need a place.
something to contemplate
while pretending to care enough,
won't speak the truth

that night when I
found out to my surprise
only confirmed one thing,
the love that you'd been missing...

those years were proof
the love was good to you
still need a place.
something to contemplate
the guilt and shame
don't seem to go away
it comes in waves.
the one held close displaced
while pretending to care enough,
won't speak the truth

time rolls along regardless of us all.
won't change the way this is
a casket made.
the nail is in place
now lay down in it.

can never live it down,
don't act like this is normal
Track Name: Polysin
you see the way I am
and know just what I can't
so love to see how I'm in need
good feeling fading out
head swimming in doubt
nowhere to turn to now
from a city once outgrown
a heart that turned to stone

the world can make one feel so small
like you amount to nothing at all
don't know the place where you should be
is standing right here next to me

do you see the shape we're in?
can't tell how long it's been
you try to speak through steel trapped teeth
sinking fast and soon will drown
pick up and leave this town
nowhere to turn to now
a love that's rarely shown
and countless nights spent alone
is all I've ever known

the helping hand only extends out for so long

when I try to speak
nothing comes from me
the world is failing heartfelt hopefuls
without a warning
when I fall asleep
you're right here next to me
the world is failing
hearts are breaking
the love has soured without a warning
don't know where you should be
right here next to me

you want to be alone
I'm over this broken heart
you want to have it all
a dream that kept your love so small
(can't have it all)
you want to be alone
just don't forget us
Track Name: Aquatica
unseen behind doors closed
with blackened hearts exchange their souls
pockets lined, they sell themselves a lie
just anything to find a way to sleep at night
unclean so cast a spell on everyone
to try and cover up the smell
complete one cannot be
until fully consumed by things
we're told to believe

did they make you give it away?
life and love can be used to persuade

you've seen with your eyes closed
and hardened heart the world grow cold
won't go outside lines drawn in black and white
yet everyday good people struggle to survive
asleep we've given up control
and their misdeeds begin to take a toll
a dream this all must be
no hope to reconcile all this inhumanity

this is the moment
you have waited all your life
but you gave it away
(they gave you, they gave you away)

never attempted to run away
magic words that make
you want to stay
Track Name: Sleepwalker
in it's present turn of pale
a rigid and cracking spine
torn sight from sleep
while something comes alive
the shadows conspire
could this be the end?
veins flowing fire
a void that I fell in

movement now is gone
and I can't make a sound
hesitant to turn and face
what can't be unseen
haunted by spirits
that manifest in me

held down underneath
turning inside out
longing to control
this tired soul
I let it out
and nobody knows
it takes a hold
feels so cold

with hell to speak,
that look on your face
says 'I cannot relate'
maybe it's too late?

(they speak to me in dreams, they tell such terrible things)

held down underneath
turning inside out
longing to control
this tired soul
I let it out and nobody knows
it takes it's hold
feels so cold
my mind fell apart longing to be whole
this tired soul
don't fall apart

can barely breathe,
kept in this place
it's no longer safe
Track Name: Tunnel Vision
there must be another way
to hold it down they won't find out
conflicted with pain that won't subside
they cry at night into an empty sky
to save their lives

can see where all this is heading
sound asleep we'll be for it's demise
find yourself something to love and don't let go...

there's no other way
we will find you out. you've been found out
the shame is but a small price to pay
won't stop the fight
or give up on life

my teeth are falling out
and vision starts to blur
you've been cast down
they don't care if you get hurt

(but don't lose hope, you're not alone)

where are you now?
thought you were here to stay
I mourned your death
though a soul remains
I still see it sometimes
but I need you more than ever now
(I need you so much)
we trust it with our lives
and they've thrown
all that we have loved
out of the window
we're waiting for our lives to begin
onward we must go,
into the unknown

there's still another way
for you to find a place home
there's no need to be alone
so take that other route
and dig yourself back out
there's always time to change
it's not too late