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you see the way I am
and know just what I can't
so love to see how I'm in need
good feeling fading out
head swimming in doubt
nowhere to turn to now
from a city once outgrown
a heart that turned to stone

the world can make one feel so small
like you amount to nothing at all
don't know the place where you should be
is standing right here next to me

do you see the shape we're in?
can't tell how long it's been
you try to speak through steel trapped teeth
sinking fast and soon will drown
pick up and leave this town
nowhere to turn to now
a love that's rarely shown
and countless nights spent alone
is all I've ever known

the helping hand only extends out for so long

when I try to speak
nothing comes from me
the world is failing heartfelt hopefuls
without a warning
when I fall asleep
you're right here next to me
the world is failing
hearts are breaking
the love has soured without a warning
don't know where you should be
right here next to me

you want to be alone
I'm over this broken heart
you want to have it all
a dream that kept your love so small
(can't have it all)
you want to be alone
just don't forget us


from Projection Mirror, released September 15, 2016



all rights reserved


Dagars Dallas, Texas

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